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Application Fair at CS
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Wednesday, 24.06.2015, 14:30
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Room 337-8, Taub Bld.
CS students in the course "Project in Advanced Programming" and the course "Project in Computer Communication" invite you to an android applications fair on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, between 14 00-16.00, in room 337 (3rd floor) of CS Taub Building. The fair will exhibit new android applications designed to facilitate life in all aspects and Qualcomm will hold a project competition between the presenting projects:

AnyOneCan - Learn to count in English through stories and games. In collaboration with the AnyOneCan foundation

Chineasy - Learning Chinese made easy with games

Eventally - Schedule and manage events for you and your friends

Eventee - Find out which events are around you and invite your friends to hang out

LocationBasedNotification - Set memos based on location rather than time

Lost&Found - Helps you get back lost items and return items you've found

The Body Guard - Blue Tooth Bracelet combined with android device that monitors nurses’ sleeping and nutrition habits

A Tele-care Robot Communication Protocol - This Tele-care robot will assist an elderly patient that lives independently at his apartment but need assistance in daily activities. The robot will be remotely operated by a care-giver located at a command center.

Shoppi - Finally there is somewhere to browse inventory of your neighbourhood small shops

TechnionSprinter - Find partners with common interest and fitness level to work out with

TimeBank - Teach for Free, Learn for Free, a Social App of Knowledge Exchange over Android: Two different projects: based on a simple idea of volunteering your free time for teaching what you know best and having someone else teaching you in return.

אנושי - A social volunteering platform bridging the gap between volunteers and those in need

You are all invited!
Application Fair at CS