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Winter 2016 Arduino Fair at CS
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Sunday, 17.01.2016, 13:30
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Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
CS students in the course "Project in Advanced Programming" invite you to the Winter 2016 Arduino project fair on Sunday, January 17 2016, between 13 00-16.30, in room 337 (3rd floor) of CS Taub Building. The fair will exhibit new Arduino pojects designed to facilitate life in all aspects as follows:

Air Hockey - Automatic Air Hockey Table challenge.
ArCoffee Table - A table that improves your coffee break in many ways.
arDRAWino - How to create from a picture a drawing that looks like your own scribble.
Checkers Masters - Human plays Checkers against a robotic arm opponent.
iFlussio - A system that independently maintains your plants.
Pharmacy IoT - A comprehensive solution for automatic management of drug inventory.
Smart Aquarium - Smart Aquarium will enable you to care for your fish from remotely.
Spider 2.0 - A quadruped spider robot walks by using a generic algorithm.
Tunerino - An automatic guitar tuner fine-tunes the players requests.

You are all invited!

Photos from the event.
Winter 2016 Arduino Fair at CS