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Intel@Technion Lectures: Cloud Computing – The Beginning Or The End?
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Nava Levy (Intel)
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Wednesday, 27.01.2016, 11:30
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EE Meyer Building 1061
Cloud Computing is considered to be one of the most important paradigm shifts of this century. In this presentation we will explain what cloud computing is all about, review the key drivers and inhibitors of cloud and what is fueling its exponential growth. We will examine its effects across the ecosystem and megatrends as Mobile and Internet Of Things, including the threats and the opportunities. We will also try to determine where we are in this shift – is the end in sight or is it just the beginning ? Finally, we will discuss as some of its implications to companies, entrepreneurs and academy

Short bio:
Nava Levy joined Intel to the Strategic Technologies Group of Intel Labs where she is responsible for identifying and incubating long-lead technologies that are disruptive or transformational for the domain of Cloud & Big Data. Nava brings with her over 20 years of experience in Hi-Tech as well as almost a decade in Cloud & Big Data domains in a variety of roles. Most recently Nava founded LerGO ( , a cloud based nonprofit venture dedicated to kids’ education. Prior to that Nava led cVidya’s efforts in SaaS & Big Data as VP Cloud Solutions and before that she was the head of Amdocs' SaaS/Cloud program.
Intel@Technion Lectures: Cloud Computing – The Beginning Or The End?