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Lightweight Crypto Day
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Monday, 28.03.2016, 09:00
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EE Meyer Building 1003
TCE in Collaboration with Caesarea Rothschild Institute will hold a Lightweight Crypto Day.

Lightweight cryptography is an emerging field of research trying to address low-end devices that need security such as RFID tags or devices connected to Internet of Things (IoT). As known security solutions cannot be accommodated in these restricted environments, lightweight cryptography has to offer meaningful security at the same time as reducing the cost of implementation to its bare essentials: footprint-wise (low number of gates), throughput-wise, energy-wise, etc. The day is planned as a meeting point between academia and industry, as this field is closely connected to both communities – industry by identifying the exact needs and the requirements, followed by the academic solution development – new designs as well as new design philosophies, which are then implemented by the industry. Last year, NIST – the US National Institute of Standard and Technology has announced their long term plan in the field (this announcement was also given in the lightweight crypto day held last year). The brings a third and very valuable player to the table – government (and regulatory) bodies.

Local organizer: Orr Dunkelman

Program chairs: Nathan Keller and Itai Dinur

Confirmed speakers include:
Orhun Kara, Tubitak, Turkey - The security of lightweight algorithms
Shay Gueron, Haifa University, Israel - optimized hardware implementation of AES - from high performance to Lightweight designs

The conference will be held on Monday, March 28, 2016, in Auditorium 1003 (10th floor), Meyer EE Building, Technion.

Attendance is free but requires registration.
Lightweight Crypto Day