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Theory Seminar: Tokenized Blind Signatures from Quantum Money
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Or Sattath (Hebrew University and MIT)
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Wednesday, 20.04.2016, 12:30
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Taub 201
Quantum money is a quantum state that can be easily verified but is hard to copy. I will start by reviewing Aaronson & Christiano's quantum money scheme. Then we'll extend their scheme to construct a tokenized blind signature scheme. A (standard) digital signature scheme uses two keys - a public key and a secret key. The secret key is used for signing an unbounded number of messages, and the public key is used to verify signed messages. A tokenized blind signature uses a classical public key, and a quantum signing token. When a message is signed, the quantum signing token is consumed. We say that the tokenized blind signature scheme is secure if an adversary with a single signing token cannot sign more than one message. The signature itself is classical and can be verified using the public key.

As an application, we will show how tokenized blind signatures can be used to transfer the value of quantum money over a classical channel.

Joint work with Shalev Ben-David (MIT).

** I will do my best to make this talk accessible to people without prior quantum computation knowledge. **