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Theory Seminar: A Principled Way of Designing Efficient Distributed Protocols
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Yoram Moses (Technion)
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Wednesday, 22.06.2016, 12:30
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Taub 201
Decisions taken by agents in distributed and multi-agent systems depend on their local information. A novel formulation of the connection between knowledge and action in such systems allows new insights into the design of correct and efficient protocols. This talk will discuss and illustrate how a theory of what agents know about the world and about the knowledge of others can help in the design and analysis of distributed protocols for well-known problems. The talk will be self-contained, and is based in part on joint work with Armando Castaneda and Yannai Gonczarowski.

Short bio: Yoram Moses is the Israel Pollak chair at the Technion. He is a recipient of the Godel Prize in 1997 and of the Dijkstra Prize in 2009, and a coauthor of the book Reasoning about Knowledge.