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Second Project Fair 2016 at CS
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Tuesday, 21.06.2016, 12:30
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CS Taub Lobby
CS students in the course "Project in Advanced Programming" invite you to an Arduino project fair on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, between 12:30-14.30, in the lobby of CS Taub Building. The fair will exhibit new Arduino and Android projects as well as yearly projects.

You are all invited!

Here are the presenting projects:

Songs are stored on the cloud, streamed to the robotic pianist, and help you enjoy your time.
Cipher is a linear arcade game which pushes the limits of Arduino in order to create a fun and fast paced experience.
A unique wireless reaction training system comprised of 7 illuminating devices controlled by a windows phone application (Video).
Smart small room which organizes to Muslims worshippers their prayer schedule (Video).
Perfect for home poker games. The Poker dealer has screen control that deal the cards and automatically starts by the player act (Video).
Rubik's Cube Solver:
The Rubik's Cube Solver can solve any scramled Rubik's Cube in less than 20 moves (Video).
A shelf designed to ease the life of people with special needs (Video)
STAR - A Smart guiTAR:
With STAR you can learn how to play the guitar easily.
A cheap, fun and exciting way to play computer games by using your body instead of your keyboard (Video).
Therapy Glove is a cheap and highly mobile smart glove that identifies various therapeutic hand exercises (Video).
The Watermelon is a machine that learns algorithms and try to guess in high probability the correlation between appearance and taste (Video).

Appaw is a social network designed for pet owners and pet lovers. The network's main focus is to provide help for pets in need.
Easy Shift strives to supply its users a simple, quick and effective platform for small businesses management.
The application helps you manage your home products, remined you when they expire and gives you a simple way to create a shopping lists.
An arcade-style game created to provide an immersive game play experience.
An application that allaw elderly people to request help from younger individuals with ordinary, everyday tasks.
The applicatin helps the castumer to choose a restaurant and order in advence. It also helps the manager to inspect the orders and edit the restaurant profile.
Mad Omes:
A comfortable application for building a student's course schedule.
Sched App:
A mobile application that provide a generic platform for appointment scheduling.
Shut App:
An application that help you find the library that fits your studying habits.
Study Arena:
RPG educational game for elementary school students. The game allaws to develop a character, fight enemies and explore new worlds.
Tasty Idea:
Tasty Idea allaws finding recipes based on ingredients you already have at home.
Treasure Hunt:
Create a treasure hunt game with your smartphone.

Yearly Project
Operate everything in your smartphone using only 3 inputs.
Create a tool for windows that lets "non professionals" create specific android apps. With this application you can teach english to children around the world using lessons and games.
Application for both smartphones and PC, designed specifically for ALS pationts to use via EGG sensors or other external hardware.
Cognisity is an innovative platform for managing research experiments on human behaviour patterns.
Laser Battle:
A multiplayer first person shooter based on lasers.

TeleCare Robot connect between a patient and a care giver by video stream, measuremets, daily medication schedule, communication and axternal sensors.
Second Project Fair 2016 at CS