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Special Guest Lecture: Safe and Secure Systems: Implications on System Architecture
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Prof. Georg Scharfenberg (OTH-Regensburg University, Bavaria Germany)
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Monday, 14.11.2016, 14:30
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Taub 601
Embedded real-time systems focusing on functional safety applications must be error-free and have to master faults occurring during operation. In this talk we will deal with types of faults and how the system architecture will control them. We will ask the question: "How much safety do we need?" In the future, the automobile will drive autonomously and we will outline the question whether the valid automotive standard ISO26262 can be adapted for this purpose. Focus mainly on your knowledge and experience in the Automotive Industry.

Prof. Georg Scharfenberg has been involved about 30 years in the development and assessment of safety critical systems. He started his professional career at Siemens as an engineer for quality management task to introduce microcontroller into modern transport systems with fail-safe functionality for train applications. As senior engineer, he was responsible for the development of a functional safety microcomputer system for train applications on rail side and mobile electronic train control systems. He has also executed a number of safety cases for urban transportation systems, Deutsche Bahn, and international applications. During his professional assignment he has developed a standard safety basis concept for mobile medical equipment and was active as system designer for different enterprises e.g. for a high reliable space project and airborne computer.

Prof. Scharfenberg will keep meetings at Taub 601 by appointment via: adihofman at