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My modeling efforts
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Giora Eshkol
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Sunday, 09.12.2007, 13:00
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Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
I was introduced into 3D modeling as an artist back in 1993 using Amiga 4000a and a software name "Real-3d". The modeling tools I had were of B-spline type. The following year I was modeling with Alias Power Animator and later to MAYA which offers tools for NURBS, Polygons, and Sub-D. Using those tools I created many complex modeling works of the human body and organic objects as well as still objects.

Among my works were the character of Pillsbury Doughboy and Bruce willis in NURBS and many other characters in all modeling tools available In Maya including rigging skeletons deformers influence objects utilizing IK/FK and Mocap animation.

From my perspective to be successful is this field, the forces of Art and Science must join together.