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Coding Theory: Coding for Racetrack Memories
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Eitan Yaakobi (Coding for Racetrack Memories)
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Sunday, 21.05.2017, 14:30
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Taub 601
Racetrack memory is a new technology which utilizes magnetic domains along a nanoscopic wire in order to obtain extremely high storage density. In racetrack memory, each magnetic domain can store a single bit of information, which can be sensed by a reading port (head). The memory has a tape-like structure which supports a shift operation that moves the domains to be read sequentially by the head. In order to increase the memory's speed, prior work studied how to minimize the latency of the shift operation, while the no less important reliability of this operation has received only a little attention. In this work we design codes which combat shift errors in racetrack memory, called position errors. Namely, shifting the domains is not an error-free operation and the domains may be over-shifted or are not shifted, which can be modeled as deletions and sticky insertions. While it is possible to use conventional deletion and insertion-correcting codes, we tackle this problem with the special structure of racetrack memory where the domains can be read by multiple heads. Each head outputs a noisy version of the stored data and the multiple outputs are combined in order to reconstruct the data. Under this paradigm, we will show that it is possible to correct, with at most a single bit of redundancy, d deletions with d+1 heads if the heads are well-separated. Similar results are provided for burst of deletions, sticky insertions and combinations of both deletions and sticky insertions.