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Evolving hardware and operating system interfaces through programmability
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Nadav Amit - CS-Lecture
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Thursday, 04.01.2018, 10:30
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Room 601 Taub Bld.
Hardware and operating system interfaces should ideally enable to build performant systems that are also robust and secure. Alas, these goals frequently conflict, necessitating unavoidable compromises that promote one goal at the expense of another. I nevertheless contend that existing compromises---while inherently imperfect---are often suboptimal, and that improved tradeoffs can be devised using programmable software interfaces and hardware. I support this claim by presenting how programmable software interfaces can help to efficiently bridge the semantic gap between host and guest systems in virtualization setups. Short Bio: =========== Nadav is a researcher in VMware's Research Group, Palo Alto, California. He received his PhD in 2014 from the Technion, after which he was a senior research associate in the Technion. Prior to his PhD studies, he worked at Intel. He is the recipient of the IBM Fellowship Award, the SPEC Distinguished PhD Dissertation Award, and the ACM SIGOPS Dennis M. Ritchie Doctoral PhD Dissertation Award Honorable Mention. His research focuses on operating systems and hardware-assisted virtualization.