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Node Embedding over Temporal Graphs
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Uriel Singer - CANCELLED (M.Sc. Thesis Seminar)
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Sunday, 19.04.2020, 15:30
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Room 601 Taub Bld.
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Advisor: Dr. Kira Radinsky
In this work, we present a method for node embedding in temporal graphs. We propose an algorithm that learns the evolution of a temporal graph's nodes and edges over time and incorporates this dynamics in a temporal node embedding framework for different graph prediction tasks. We present a joint loss function that creates a temporal embedding of a node by learning to combine its historical temporal embeddings, such that it optimizes per given task (e.g., link prediction). The algorithm is initialized using static node embeddings, which are then aligned over the representations of a node at different time points, and eventually adapted for the given task in a joint optimization. We evaluate the effectiveness of our approach over a variety of temporal graphs for the two fundamental tasks of temporal link prediction and multi-label node classification, comparing to competitive baselines and algorithmic alternatives. Our algorithm shows performance improvements across many of the datasets and baselines and is found particularly effective for graphs that are less cohesive, with a lower clustering coefficient.