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Automata over Infinite Data Domains: Learnability and Applications in Program Verification and Repair
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Hadar Frenkel (Ph.D. Thesis Seminar)
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Tuesday, 02.03.2021, 17:00
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Zoom Lecture: 97090529670
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Advisor: Prof. Orna Grumberg and Dr. Sarai Sheinvald
We present automata over infinite data domains and their use in program verification and repair. In particular, we discuss assume-guarantee based verification, a compositional verification method that uses automata learning in order to modularly verify the correctness of a system. Then we present Assume-Guarantee-Repair (AGR) – a framework that verifies that a program satisfies a set of properties, and repairs the program in case the verification fails. We consider communicating programs – these are simple C-like programs, extended with synchronous communication actions over communication channels. We model these infinite-state systems using finite automata, and reduce the semantic problems in hand – satisfying complex specifications that also contain first-order constraints – to syntactic ones, namely membership and equivalence queries for regular languages.