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CGGC Seminar: View-dependent texture projection mapping in urban scenes
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Amit Ben-David (Industrial Engineering, Technion)
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Sunday, 01.02.2009, 13:00
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Taub 337
View-Dependent Texture Projection Mapping (VDTPM) is a technique used to render a photorealistic novel view of a scene based on a number of aerial photographs of the scene and an authentic 3D model of the scene.

Unlike traditional texture mapping, where the texture is "pasted" on the 3D polygons, here the texture is placed on the object using texture projection. Texture projection is a technique which uses the camera model of the photograph to create a projective transformation which is then used to project/transform a world coordinate to an image/texture coordinate. The main difference between the two methods is that normal texture mapping is static, meaning that for every fragment (pixel) the texture source is predefined before rendering. In the view dependent version, the texture source is chosen dynamically for each fragment from the aerial imagery based on several heuristics.

This talk, summarizing the M.Sc. thesis of the speaker, will provide a detailed description of the VDTPM method, specifically for urban scenes. Our contribution is algorithmic improvements and a new rendering framework which scales well to the amount of aerial imagery used.

The work was supervised by Prof. Craig Gotsman.