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Bioinformatics Forum: Four-dimensional Realistic Modeling of Pancreatic Organogenesis
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Yaki Setty (Computational Biology Group, Computational Science Laboratory Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK)
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Wednesday, 16.12.2009, 13:30
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Taub 401
Biological systems are complex, involving feedbacks across numerous processes, mechanisms and objects. Experimental analysis, by its nature, rarely captures the behavior of the complete biological system as it divides the system into static interactions with reduced spatial dimensionality and minimal dynamics. To bridge the gap between experimental findings and the underlying system behavior, we formalize biological findings into mathematically and algorithmically rigorous specifications, which are then compiled into reactive models with an interactive animation. We design the models to behave consistently with the real biological system and thus to serve as a platform for testing novel hypothesis. In my talk I will focus on a fully executable, interactive 4D simulation (time and three dimensions of space) of pancreatic development that provides a dynamic description of the process and culminates in a structure that remarkably recapitulates the unique 3D cauliflower shaped structure of the pancreas (see Setty et. al PNAS 2008). I will further discuss current efforts on modeling the development of the Gonadogenesis process of the C. elegans nematode.