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CS Ph.D. Students Graduation Ceremony, 2014
Monday, May 19, 2014
CS Ph.D. Students Graduation Ceremony, 2014Technion Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony, was held on Wednesday evening, May 14, 2014. The ceremony was held at the Technion amphitheatre. Prof. Peretz Lavi, Technion President excited the audience with his warmhearted speech, and senior Technion faculty members spoke in the presence of many guests and family members. This year 169 Technion graduates received their Ph.D. diplomas, among them 12 Computer Science graduates:
Orna Agmon
Titled: Efficient, Non-Cooperative Sharing of Computing Resources Advised by: Assaf Schuster
Yotam Elor Titled: Mathematical Analysis of Emergent Behavior in Multi- Agent Systems Advised by: Alfred Bruckstein
Moran Feldman Titled Maximization Problems with Submodular Objective Functions Advised by: Seffi Naor
Raja Giryes Titled: Sparsity Models for Signals: Theory and Applications Advised by: Michael Elad
Guy Grebla Titled: Scheduling Algorithms for OFDMA Broadband Wireless Networks Advised by: Reuven Cohen
Josef Hai Kanizo Titled Fast Decisions in High-Speed Networking Devices Advised by: Isaac Keslassy
and David Hay
Zohar Levi Titled: Techinques for Manipulating Volumetric and Polyhedral 3D Datasets Advised by: Craig Gotsman
Roy Levin Titled: Geospatial Route Search Advised by: Yaron Kanza
Roi Poranne Titled: Topics in Shape Optimization and Exploration Advised by Craig Gotsman
Guy Rosman Titled: On Natural Parametrizations of Motion and Structure Manifolds Advised by Ron Kimmel
Israel Shteinfeld Titled: Data Analysis in Studies Combining Multiple High-Throughput Measurement Technologies Advised by Zohar Yakhini
Yair Wiener Titled: Theoretical Foundations of Selective Prediction Advised by: Ran El-Yaniv

Congratulations and best of luck to all our graduates.


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