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CS Magister Graduation Ceremony, 2023
Tuesday, June 20, 2023
CS Magister Graduation Ceremony, 2023CS celebrated the graduation of 55 Magister Students in a ceremony which was held on Monday, June 19, 2023.

Congratulations to Magister of Science in Computer Science graduates Summa Cum Laude:

Nir Bacharach Titled: Distributional Robustness: From Pricing to Auctions Advised by: Inbal Talgam-Cohen
Ben Finkelshtein Titled: Robustness and Rotation Equivariance in Geometric Deep Learning Advised by: Alexander Bronstein,
Chaim Baskin
Gal Shalom Titled:  pISTA: Preconditioned Iterative Soft Thresholding Algorithm for Graphical LASSO Advised by: Irad Yavneh,
Eran Treister

Congratulations to Magister of Science in Computer Science graduates Cum Laude:

Alon Dankner Titled: Attacking and Securing ICS Protocols Advised by: Eli Biham,
Sara Bitan-Erlich
Itay Eilat Titled: Strategic Classification with Inter-Dependent Strategic Responses Advised by: Nir Rosenfeld
Tom Hirshberg Titled: Sound Source Modeling of Multi-Rotor in Free Space and Indoors Towards Acoustics-Based Indoor Localization Advised by: Alexander Bronstein
Amir Livne Titled: How to Avoid Depth Reconstruction in 3D Vision Tasks: Do We Need Depth in State-Of-The-Art Face Authentication Advised by: Ron Kimmel,
Alexander Bronstein
Dean Zadok Titled: Towards Predicting Fine Finger Motions from Ultrasound Images via Kinematic Representation Advised by: Alon Wolf,
Oren Salzman,

Alexander Bronstein

Congratulations to Magister of Science in Computer Science graduates:

Antonio Abu Nassar Titled: Semantic Symmetry in Transducers Advised by: Shaull Almagor
Lynore Ackerman Schraier Titled: A Machine Learning Exploration of Relations between Protein Structures and their Genetic Coding Advised by: Alexander Bronstein
Omer Zibulevsky
Ameer Amer Titled: Auctions with Interdependence and SOS: Improved Approximation Advised by: Inbal Talgam-Cohen
Omer Antverg Titled: Investigating the Importance of Individual Neurons in Language Models Advised by: Yonatan Belinkov
Tom Avrech Titled: GoToNet: Fast Monocular Scene Exposure and Exploration Advised by: Ehud Rivlin,
Chaim Baskin
Maxim Barsky Titled: PartTLB: Dynamic TLB Partitioning for SMT Processors Advised by: Dan Tsafrir
Boaz Ben-Dov Titled: Predicting the Success of Domain Adaptation, a Casual Model Interpretation Approach Advised by: Roi Reichart
Roe Benyamin Titled: Graph Neural Networks Pretraining through Inherent Supervision for Molecular Property Predictio Advised by: Kira Radinsky
Adam Botach Titled: End-to-End Referring Video Object Segmentation with Multimodal Transformers Advised by: Alexander Bronstein,
Chaim Baskin
Tom Brand Titled: Bribery Attack on Nakamoto Consensus Proof of Stake Protocols Advised by: Yuval Ishai
Eli Ben-Sasson
Refael Cohen Titled: SMEGA2: Distributed Deep Learning using a Single Momentum Buffer Advised by: Assaf Schuster,
Avigail Cohen Ramon Titled: Geometry-Based Dynamic Connectivity Analysis of Biological Neural Network Advised by: Ronen Talmon
Shiller Jackie
Mohammed Dabbah Titled: Using Fictitious Class Representations to Boost Discriminative Zero-Shot Learners Advised by: Ran El-Yaniv
Nir Diamant Titled: Improving Real-World Data Generation using Adversarial Sim2Real Models Advised by: Ehud Rivlin,
Alexander Bronstein
Matan Ein Avi Titled: An New Lower Bound on the Growth Constant Polycubes in Three Dimensions Advised by: Gill Barequet
Shadi Endrawis Titled: Efficient Self-Supervised Data Collection for Offline Robot Learning Advised by: Tamar Aviv
Or Feldman Titled:  Improving Graph Neural Network Expressivity via Spectral and Combinatorial Pre-Colorings Advised by: Avi Mendelson
Raphael Gad Titled: Only Real Friends Matter - A clusters Based Deep Learning Paradigm for High Dimension Multivariate Forecasting Advised by: Assaf Schuster,
Ilya Kolchinsky
Shai Guendelman Titled: Concurrent Games with Multiple Topologies Advised by: Shaull Almagor
Liam Kimel Titled: Computational Models for Homeostasis and Development of the Epidermis and Spherical Organoids Advised by: Tom Shemesh
Ariel Kolikant Titled: ILP Based Load Balancing in Deduplicated Storage Systems Advised by: Gala Yadgar
Roei Kisous Titled: Clustering based Data Migration in Deduplicated Storage Advised by: Gala Yadgar
Dmitry Kuznichov Titled: Learning Relaxation for Multigrid Advised by: Irad Yavneh,
Ron Kimmel
Ron Marcovich Titled: Protocol Inference from Program Executable using Symbolic Execution and Automata Learning Advised by: Orna Grumberg,
Gabi Nakibly
Adi Mesika Titled: CloudWalker: 3D Point Cloud Learning by Random Walks for Shape Analysis Advised by: Ayellet Tal
Roee Mor Titled: Probabilistic Qualitative Localization and Mapping Advised by: Vadim Indelman
Elad Nachmias Titled: Hierarchical Code Representations Advised by: Eran Yahav
Shafik Nassar Titled: Succinct Interactive Oracle Proofs Advised by: Ron Rothblum
Ido Rafael Titled: Efficient Distributed Construction of Small k-Dominating Sets Advised by: Yuval Emek,
Shai Kutten
Idan Raz Titled: Model-Based Simulation for SMT Cores Advised by: Dan Tsafrir
Amani Shhadi Titled: Topology-Controlled Reconstruction from Partial Planar Cross-Sections Advised by: Gill Barequet
Adi Simhi Titled: Interpreting Embedding Spaces by Conceptualization Advised by: Shaul Markovitch
Guy Shapira Titled: Unsupervised Frequent Pattern Mining for CEP Advised by: Assaf Schuster,
Ilya Kolchinsky
Roman Shapira Titled: Quantum Candies and Quantum Cryptography Advised by: Tal Mor
David Vainshtein Titled: Terraforming - Environment Manipulation during Disruptions for Multi-Agent Pickup and Delivery Advised by: Oren Salzman
Antoine Vinciguerra Titled: On the Structure of Heilbronns's Configurations Advised by: Yuval Filmus
Tomer Voronov Titled:  Scalable Blockchain Anomaly Detection with Sketches Advised by: Ori Rottenstreich,
Danny Raz
Asharf Yassin Titled:  Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts: Attacking Smart Homes Advised by: Eli Biham,
Amichai Shulman,
Roded Zats Titled: Fair Correlation Clustering in General Graphs Advised by: Roy Schwartz

Congratulations to Magister graduate:

Ilan-Hayim Doron-Arad Titled: Packing Problems with Linear Constraints Advised by: Hadas Shachnai
Ido Galil Titled: Uncertainty Estimation Of Deep Neural Networks Advised by: Ran El-Yaniv
Amit Ganz Titled: Randomized and Continuous Algorithms for Submodular Maximization Advised by: Roy Schwartz
Nitzan Hodos Titled: Randomized Neural Networks Advised by: Assaf Schuster
Hadas Orgad Titled: TExplaining, Evaluating and Improving Robustness in NLP Models Advised by: Yonatan Belinkov
Omer Rappoport Titled:  Constrained Horn Clauses and their Applications Advised by: Orna Grumberg,
Yakir Vizel
Gal Sidi Titled:  DELETE: Using Deep Learning to Minimize Latency in CEP Systems Advised by: Assaf Schuster,
Ilya Kolchinsky
Roy Shafie Titled: Sequence Design and Image Analysis with Applications to Mulecular Synthesis and Cancer Research Advised by: Zohar Yakhini

Congratulations and best of luck to all our graduates!

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