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Ido Galil - Winning The "Riva Dam" Foundation Scholarship
Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Warm congratulations to Ido Galil, Ph.D. student, for winning an honors scholarship from the"Riva Dam" Foundation for the year 2023. The scholarship is intended to promote outstanding doctoral students in the fields of engineering and mathematics. Ido was chosen by a committee that chose him from among candidates from academic institutions in Israel, to which each institution submitted a single selected candidate.

Ido Galil's research, under the direction of Prof. Ran El-Yaniv, focuses on assessing the level of certainty of AI systems. Galil found methods and characteristics that can significantly contribute to the accuracy of assessing the degree of certainty of the answers provided by AI tools and thus prevent mistakes with destructive potential, sometimes even to human life.[Back to the news index]