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Dean Zadok, A PhD Student At The Faculty, Has Developed A Robotic System That Is Expected To Change The Lives Of Amputees
Sunday, March 31, 2024

March 31, 2024

Dean Zadok, a PhD student at the faculty, has developed a robotic system that is expected to change the lives of amputees. The system already allows the user to play the piano and type on the computer, and the intention is to continue improving its capabilities. "Many of the actions we do casually on a daily basis - typing, making coffee, changing a lamp - are very challenging actions for amputees," explains Zadok. "Hence the enormous importance of efficient and easy-to-use solutions."

The new system is an ultrasound-based robotic system that reads the muscle movements and thus imitates the actions of the human hand accurately and sensitively, including the gentle movement of the fingers. The ultrasound system is worn on the limb and infers the user's intentions based on muscle movements, including complex and subtle movements. In the estimation of the research team, this is a leap forward that will make it possible to significantly advance the field of prostheses and provide many users with an improved quality of life.

Dean Zadok is researching under the guidance of three researchers from the Technion - Prof. Alon Wolf, from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and researchers from the Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Alex Bronstein and Dr. Oren Salzman.

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