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Microsoft Excellence Program
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Microsoft - Technion Excellence Program in Computer Engineering Academic Year 2010 and Beyond.

The Microsoft - Technion Excellence Program will attract and accompany excellent students studying towards degrees in the CS/EE joint track in Computer Engineering.

Program Objectives and Details:
1. The program will promote excellence and develop the future technological generation at the Technion.
2. Students will participate in professional enhancement meetings, led by Microsoft, that will be held in the Technion and in Microsoft
3. Participants in the program will receive an annual scholarship in the third and fourth years of study and a laptop computer upon acceptance to the program.
4. Microsoft will offer the students:
  a. Summer internships in Microsoft research and development centers
  b. Higher priority for student jobs as interns in the research and development groups in Microsoft Haifa and Microsoft Hertzilya
  c. International camps in Microsoft Redmond and Microsoft Cambridge when available
  d. Research projects, as part of the academic curriculum, supervised by Microsoft
5. Students in the program are expected to maintain a high academic level and to take advantage of the professional enhancement meetings at Microsoft.

Target Audience and Restrictions:
This program targets excellent students in the CS/EE joint computer engineering track starting their second year of studies. Students in this program will not participate concurrently in other companies' excellence/scholarship programs, nor will they receive scholarships from any other excellence program.

For more details and application please contact and/or send your cv and grades report to Undergraduate Studies Secretariate in your department. The deadline is December 29, 2009.[Back to the news index]