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New Faculty Nember, Benny Kimelfeld
Sunday, March 1, 2015
New Faculty Nember, Benny Kimelfeld The computer science faculty welcomes a new faculty member – associate professor Benny Kimelfeld. Prof. Kimelfeld completed his Ph.D. with honors in Computer Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2008. After finishing his studies he started a two year postdoctoral fellowship at the Computer Science Principles and Methodologies Department (the Theory Group) at the IBM Almaden Research center. He stayed at the IBM Almaden Research center for four more years as a research staff member in the Search and Analytics Department. Prof. Kimelfeld's research interests are Database systems and theory, information extraction, information retrieval, data mining, probabilistic and inconsistent databases. We wish Benny the best of luck in his new position in our faculty. [Back to the news index]