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The Taub Faculty of Computer Science News and Announcements

2014-15 Graduation Ceremony
Thursday, June 25, 2015
2014-15 Graduation CeremonyOn Thursday, June 25 2015, the Computer Science Department celebrated the graduation of 200 students. Dean, Prof. Irad Yavneh, Vice Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Shaul Markovitch spoke in the presence of many guests and family members. Uzi Cohen gave a speech on behalf of the graduates and a musical trio of singer Nitsan Zamir, pianist Itai Meshorer and drummer Ofer Oshman performed along the ceremony.

This year, 21 graduated cum laude and received the Dean Excellency Designation and 12 graduated summa cum laude and received the President Excellency Designation.  The atmosphere at the Churchill Auditorium, where the ceremony was held, was extraordinarily festive: all the graduates were dressed with new blue and gold outfits and received a memento of two-sided medal with the Technion sign on one side and a relief of CS Taub Building image one the other and the other.

Congratulations to all CS 2014-15 Graduates! [Back to the news index]