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CS Ph.D. Students Graduation Ceremony, 2016
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
CS Ph.D. Students Graduation Ceremony, 2016CS Ph.D. Students Graduation Ceremony, 2016 Technion Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony, was held on Monday evening, May 30, 2016. The ceremony was held at the Technion amphitheatre. Prof. Peretz Lavi, Technion President excited the audience with his warmhearted speech, and senior Technion faculty members spoke in the presence of many guests and family members. This year, a substantial number of students - 205 Technion graduates in 2015-2016- received their Ph.D. diplomas, among them 17 Computer Science graduates:

Gil Einziger Titled:  Approximate Compact Data Structures and Applications Advised by: Roy Friedman
Anastasia Braginsky Titled: Applications of Sparse and Redundant Representations to Subspace Clustering and Signal Modeling Advised by: Michael Elad
Yonatan Goldhirsh Titled: Multi-Threaded Coordination Methods for Constructing Non-Blocking Data Structures Advised by: Eldar Fischer
Anastasia Dubrovina-Karni Titled: Geometric Algorithms for Image and Surface Analysis Advised by: Ron Kimmel
Cynthia Disenfeld Titled:   Compositional Verification of Events and Responses Advised by: Shmuel Katz
Sandeep Hans Titled:  A Programming Language Approach to Transactional Memory Consistency Advised by: Hagit Attiya
Noam Rinetskey
Verner Uri Titled Processing Real-time Data Streams on GPU-based Systems Advised by: Assaf Schuster
Mark Silberstein
Avi Mendelson
Meirav Zehavi Titled: Algorithms for Parameterized Graph Problems with Applications to Biological Network Queries Advised by: Ron Y. Pinter
Hadas Shachnai
Shahar Chen Titled: Online Learning and Competitive Analysis: a Unified Approach Advised by: Seffi Naor
Niv Buchbinder
Javier Turek Titled: Topics in Sparse Representation Modeling and Applications Advised by: Irad Yavneh
Michael Elad
Roman Talyansky Titled: Sample Complexity of Training Markov Chains Advised by Alon Itai
Meir Cohen Titled: Observing the Observers: Social Context Analysis Using Computer Vision Advised by: Ehud Rivlin
Alexander Libov Titled: Efficient Content Delivery in P2P Networks Advised by: Roy Friedman
Yael Meller Titled: Model Checking Techniques for Behavioral UML Models Advised by: Orna Grumberg
Lila Shnaiderman Titled: Parallelism in Querying and Storage for Large XML and Graph Databases Advised by: Oded Shmueli
Artyom Sharov Titled: Coding for New Applications in Storage Media Advised by: Ronny Roth
Shahar Timnat Titled: Practical Parallel Data Structures Advised by: Erez Petrank

Congratulations and best of luck to all our graduates.[Back to the news index]