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Amdocs Best Project Contest
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
The CS Department in collaboration with Amdocs invites you to take part in the 2017-18 Outstanding Projects competition.

The goal of the competition is to recognize and reward outstanding projects as part of Computer Science Graduate Training. A project will be considered outstanding if it is innovative (technical concept, mathematical development, or a new application); if it is properly realized; if it achieves its goals in a satisfactory manner; and if its report is well-written and sufficiently reflects its achievements. Projects completed in the 3 semesters prior to this date are eligible for the competition

Projects will be submitted to the in ZIP file including documentation and submission of the project, according to the requirement of the lab where it was done. An email to Prof. Roy Friedman (roy at shoul be sent with details of the submitting students and the lab, and a link to the file in DROPBOX. In addition, a support letter from the lab engineer or faculty member in charge of the project should be sent in a separate email to Prof. Friedman.

Last date for submission is Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

Students who proceed to the advanced phase will be required to present their project to the prize committee. Three winners will receive media exposure, a merit certificate, and a pecuniary reward, donated by Amdocs. The prizes will be awarded to projects carried out by undergraduate students. The committee may choose to award an additional prize to a graduate student project .

Good luck to all the participants. [Back to the news index]