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הגשת תיזה חדשה

Only users in faculty offices are allowed to submit this form. Or ask Maya Sidis for help.


Do NOT prefix with Prof., Dr., etc.

A PDF file must be posted with this form.

It will be copied to the system area.

Notice about math equations in the abstract: The easiest way to handle math equations in the abstract is to leave them in LaTeX form with $..$, as most readers will known to interpret them. You are also welcome to rewrite them yourself in HTML form (e.g., with tags like <sub>).

Please ensure correctness before submission!!!

If the thesis is already submitted, but there are any errors (in file or any typo), do not submit again!!! Ask me personaly to correct it.

All fields must be filled when the form is submitted

Remark: The PDF file will appear in the site as submitted for less than an hour. Afterwards it will be replaced by a processed file (with TR number on every page).

Procedure for Submission of Theses to the Web Site

Before you go to the library to give the printed copies:
  1. Prepare a PDF file of the final version of your thesis [e.g., mythesis.pdf]. It should include all the thesis, with cover pages, main content, and the abstract in Hebrew at the end (or the abstract in English if your thesis is written in Hebrew).
  2. Run your favorite browser on your office computer. In the faculty web site select `Technical Reports'. At the bottom of the accessed page select `Submit a New Thesis'. The direct URL is currently http://www.cs.technion.ac.il/Research/TechnicalReports/submit-thesis.html.
  3. Select `MSC thesis' or `PHD thesis'. Fill the title. Fill your name as author, and your supervisor's name(s) as supervisor.
  4. Select the PDF file you prepared via the BROWSE button.
  5. Fill the abstract.
  6. Check everything!!! and submit.
  7. If successful, the library will process the clearance forms only upon seeing that the thesis is already in the site.
  8. In case of problems, send all the material (mention whether it is a PHD or an MSC thesis, and include the PDF file, and text versions of the title, abstract, your name and your supervisor name) to Maya Sidis (mayasidis@cs.technion.ac.il), who will make the upload for you.
  9. If you fail to submit from your office computer (i.e., you see the message `Submission of this form is allowed only from faculty offices.' after you submit, while you use your office computer), please contact me (to add your office to the list). For security reasons, submission is allowed only from offices within the faculty.
  10. if you get the response `content too long' your PDF file is longer than 50MB. Either gzip it, or ask me to increase the maximal size.
  11. For any other comments, or problems, please contact me.
  12. Any exceptions will be handled by myself.
  13. Older theses are most welcome. Contact Maya Sidis for uploading them with the correct year (with all the information mentioned above). Do not upload old theses yourself, as it will upload them to the CURRENT year.

Written by Eli Biham.